I recommend SUP with Amy. There is something magical that happens when you are out on the paddle board with a group of friends being guided through a yoga practice that is both fun and meaningful. You won't be disappointed.

-Leanne W

Amy has found her calling. She is an inspiring yoga teacher who understands the art of cueing so you can truly flow. Imagine taking her class a step further by marrying it with the adventure of being in nature...on a paddle board! When I went out with Amy for the first time she made me so comfortable trying something new, I could still be present to notice the breeze in the trees, the water lapping against my board and a nearby crane taking flight. I can only describe it as soul soothing. Amy will invite you to have fun and let go. I invite you to join her on the water. You won't regret it!

-Holly C

My daughter, Chelsea, and I were excited to try SUP yoga and I was pleased to discover that Amy, someone I'd met in yoga teacher training and have loads of respect for, was a SUP teacher. We signed up for a session in early September. Amy is easy to work with, very encouraging and helped settle my nerves. She explained things well, gave good cues, was patient and made sure we were safe. I honestly wondered if I'd even be able to stand up on the board and paddle without falling in! Happily, I found that SUP yoga is something I can do. It does require a whole different level of focus, but it is so cool to be doing yoga out in nature, seeing ducks swim by, hearing the movement of the water. I love to learn new things and have variety in my practice and this was an opportunity to do both. Thanks to Amy for making my first experience with SUP yoga an awesome memory for me and my daughter. Looking forward to trying it again this summer!

-Lolly L.