Frequently asked questions

I’ve never been paddleboarding before. How am I supposed to do that AND yoga?
Most of the people that Amy has taken out have either never done SUP or never done yoga. Amy uses special ISUP (inflatable stand-up paddleboards) that are specifically designed for yoga. The boards sit a little higher out of the water and are extremely stable so you can move around with confidence. Amy is both a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and a certified SUP yoga instructor. Safety and comfort are paramount in the services that Amy offers. Expect clear, insightful direction that will put your mind at ease before you get on the board. Nothing happens quickly on a SUP, and Amy is with you every step of the way.

What should I expect when I get there?
Amy will be at the drop-in site with all the gear prepped and ready. You will start with liability waivers and a basic safety and paddle briefing. Before you even get on the board, Amy will be sure to address concerns and questions to give everyone a positive experience.

Will I fall in?
Maybe. A safe rule of thumb is that if you really DON’T want to fall in, you probably won’t. We all tend to act within our own comfort zones when trying something new. That said, if you do fall in, Amy will be there immediately to help if you need it. She is a water guide first and a yoga teacher second when we are out on the water.

What should I wear?
Anything that's comfortable to move in and that you don’t mind getting wet. You will need to get wet only up to your knees. Please wear waterproof shoes that you can take off once on the board. Also consider a hat and sunglasses (with something to keep them secure on your person).

Should I bring my phone?
NO. Amy will have her phone and is more than happy to take photos during the photo portion of the outing. Nothing sours a day out on the water more than a phone at the bottom of the river! Besides, adventure is the only thing calling!